5 Questions Your Florist Will Ask

A simple, elegant bridesmaid bouquet.

A simple, elegant bridesmaid bouquet.

There are so many lists of questions for you to ask your florist, and this is of course an important part of preparing for your first meeting with your florist. However, what I wanted to know as a bride was what I should be able to tell my florist going into that first meeting. Based on the wisdom of other brides and the florists themselves, these are things your florist will need to know from you:

What are your date and venue?
Your florist will use this information to start narrowing down flowers that will be in season and envisioning a style appropriate to your venue. You may also want to discuss any limitations or special features of your venue.

What is the overall style of your wedding? Are there other important visual elements?
Extravagant or understated? Modern or traditional? Are there visual elements of your venue (a gazebo, artwork, architecture, the beach) that you want to emphasize or capitalize on? All of this information can help your florist choose the general aesthetic of your bouquets, altar flowers, and other arrangements.

R&M (185 of 332)-LWhat are your wedding colors?
Make sure you’ve already chosen your colors before your first florist consultation. That way, you and your florist can begin choosing specific flowers and accents. Don’t expect bouquets to match bridesmaid dresses! You don’t want the flowers to blend in for your photographs. Instead, have an accent color in mind for bridesmaid bouquets and other arrangements.

What are your favorite flowers?
Take a look at flower arrangements and lists of seasonal flowers online. Have some specific ideas about flowers you want to see in your wedding arrangements. Be willing to be flexible, but have somewhere to start.

What’s your price range?
And of course, your florist will need to know a bit about your budget. Most florists are willing to work within your budget specifications, as long as you’ve done your research and estimated accordingly.

Of course, your florist may not ask all these questions in as many words. But all of these elements are important parts of the conversation you will have, and you should come to your first consultation with notes on each of these important areas.