DJs the Price is Right!

A few months ago, I found a great article by one of our competitors – Back Third Entertainment on pricing for DJs. If you want to understand how wedding DJs price themselves, read on…

Here is a breakdown of each class:

1. Buddy Rate – $400ish

This is the “just-for-fun” rate, Equipment is consumer-grade rather than pro-grade. Special events such as toasts and speeches are difficult to hear, dance music is loud. There is no backup, music is limited, and the DJ is less than full-time.

2. Scary Rate – $600ish

This is where a company undercuts their competition and works solely on the idea of quantity over quality. Staff may or may not show up, they treat is as any other job and get paid that way. Music and MC skills may not be up to par. Call us IMMEDIATELY if you get quoted under $800 for your Wedding DJ!

3. Pro – $900 – $1500

And I quote: “Companies that do events full-time and rely on their good reputation to keep food on the table. Reliable. Pro-grade equipment gets regular maintenance checks. Backup equipment for anything that could fail (hard drives, computers and wireless mics are the biggest culprits). Legal music with unlimited song requests. You pick your DJ in advance. DJs are trained. DJ assistant can mind the music while DJ takes requests or coordinates with your other vendors. Insurance. Advance planning help including online planning tools and full-time office staff to help with the little things if your DJ’s not available. Professional MC skills, music skills and vendor cooperation.”

4. Specialist – $2500 +

This is the sort of “hybrid” DJ who does something unusual, unique in addition to event coordination. Maybe they offer music videos, games or interactive services.

5. Celeb –  $3500 +

DJs with a lot of experience AND who have made a name for themselves fall into this category. They have fancy websites and you pay them to charm you and everyone at your wedding.

The Bottom Line…

Wedding Faktory DJs start at around $900 for 4 hours. The average wedding is between 6-7 hours, so our average ends up being $1100-1200. Right in the Pro Sweet Spot?!.

Regardless of price, you are getting an enormous value with our DJ / MCs. The value is in the experience, not what you could have paid to rent all the gear and play an iPod. Our Wedding Faktory DJs bring experience of other weddings, music programming and interest that spans decades and genres alike, and a professional enthusiasm that brings people to dance all night long.

Check your date now! We have a brand new commitment to excellence. If you are not 100% satisfied, your wedding is on us! —GUARANTEED.

For the original article, or more info on pricing, check out Back Third’s complete article here.