Planning Your 1980s Wedding Couldn’t be Easier!

  1. Find the perfect dress.
    Puffy short sleeves are all the rage! Also popular – Victorian necklines and lace, shoulder pads, and sequined and pearl-beaded fabrics.
    A puffy-sleeved bride and her bridesmaids showing some leg!
  2. For the bridesmaids too.
    Try something shiny, pastel, or floral!
    Floral bridesmaid dresses
  3. Pick your favorite tracks for the dance.
    From the “Electric Slide” to “Flashdance… What a Feeling” to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” the 1980s offers dozens of, well, iconic songs for you and your loved ones to rock out to.
    Madonna singing.
  4. Two words: big hair!
    Pink puffy sleeves - and big hair!
    For the guys too!
    The groom's hair is bigger than the bride's.
  5. Accessorize!
    Rubik’s cubes for wedding favors? 80s trivia cards on every table? Provide guests with disposable cameras and encourage them to snap away? It’s the little things that make the difference!
    Rubik's cube

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Happy April Fool’s Day from The Wedding Faktory!