Venue Spotlight: Kenosha Country Club

Tables set for feasting at the Kenosha Country Club

Photo of the Grandview Ballroom, courtesy of the Country Club.

Kenosha Country Club’s elegant Clubhouse was just renovated in 2012 and offers several beautiful venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. An outdoor patio and indoor banquet rooms of varying sizes give you plenty to choose from.

The Country Club also offers package prices that include a rehearsal dinner, to make planning just that much easier for you.


Consider Kenosha Country Club if you:

  • Don’t want to worry about incidental costs. The Kenosha Country Club doesn’t charge extra for many of those details other venues turn into pesky incidental fees – from color napkins to cake plating, the Club has you covered.
  • Are looking for gorgeous and delicious food. The photos on their website speak volumes.
  • Believe excellent service is crucial to the wedding reception experience. Reviews cite great service from staff and management alike.

Want to know just what I mean by “elegant” and “beautiful”? The Kenosha Country Club website offers virtual tours of the available banquet spaces, so you can get a great feel for what the spaces look and feel like.