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Venue Spotlight: Veteran’s Terrace – Burlington

Consider Veteran’s Terrace in Burlington if:

  • you want a reception hall with a view
  • need options for room capacity
  • want interesting grounds outside the venue to view and explore

This past weekend I had the privilege of filming a wedding at Veteran’s Terrace on Echo Lake in Burlington, WI. I would definitely say this place is a hidden gem you might want to check out if you’re looking for a unique reception venue and don’t mind it being a short drive outside of Milwaukee.

The terrace on Veteran's Terrace

The terrace on Veteran’s Terrace

One of the first things that probably pops into your head when you hear the name ‘Veteran’s Terrace’ is that its nothing more than some retro, fish fry-type American Legion supper club. Far from it! With large windows overlooking the park and the lake, military displays and modern styled rooms the Terrace is sure to be a destination that will suit your tastes.


inside vt

Inside Liberty Hall

The Terrace has three indoor entertainment spaces, each a different size, so you can rent more specifically to how big your party will be. The main reception area, Liberty Hall, can hold 400 all together or be divided into two smaller spaces with a capacity of 200 each. One side of the hall will have a view of park while the other will face the river flowing from Echo Lake. Liberty Hall has large windows that will show off the natural beauty outside and doors out to the second level balcony.

The next, smaller area available is the Patriot Hall which has a room capacity of 125. This hall is on the lower level of the building and is a smaller more enclosed room. It doesn’t really have space for a dance area but makes up for it with a fireplace for a touch of character. The smallest area available is the Stars and Stripes room which is more of a pre- reception drinks and conversation pit. It leads out to a wider patio space so guests can talk and relax either inside or out. One the first level is the Memorial Terrace, an outdoor ceremony space available from May to September. This is convenient for those looking for the option of an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception, or visa versa, in one venue.

For more information on Veteran’s Terrace in Burlington visit them HERE

3 Types of Wedding Cermony Venues: Pros and Cons

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Decor for outdoor wedding

Decor for outdoor wedding

Decor for an outdoor wedding.

 As you choose a wedding venue, you’ll need to narrow down which type of venue fits your values, budget, and theme. Here are three broad categories to consider, along with pros and cons to help narrow down your venue search.

Place of Worship
If, as a couple, you value traditionalism or a common faith background, a church or other place of worship may be your favorite option.
– Often inexpensive – especially if one of you is a member of the congregation, places of worship often consider weddings part of their ministry, rather than an opportunity to make money.
– Ideal for music – from organs to sound systems to sometimes phenomenal acoustics, churches and chapels are great for couples who want to showcase their (or their family members’) musical flair.
– Places of worship may have extra rules and regulations for you to follow. For instance, some churches require pre-marriage counseling for couples marrying on their premises.

Outdoor Venues
For couples who value originality or the great outdoors, an outdoor space may be perfect. Backyards, beaches, and public parks are all common choices for couples looking for a naturally beautiful backdrop for their wedding ceremony.
– Nature-made decorations – besides  beautiful surroundings, an outdoor location can provide a theme for other visual elements.
– Great photography possibilities – natural lighting adds glamour to already beautiful locations and people!
– Weather can spoil your big day – and an outdoor wedding in December simply isn’t an option for couples choosing a venue in places like Milwaukee and Chicago.
– Set-up and rentals can add time and expense.

Indoor Venues
From hotels to art museums, there’s an indoor venue space appropriate to any couple’s values.
– Great variety and flexibility – especially in urban or metro areas, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.
– Beautiful spaces – while it’s hard to beat Mother Nature, many indoor venues offer great architecture or art, which may be the better choice for artistically inclined couples.
– Direct and indirect expenses (such as rentals) vary widely – you’ll need to do some extra research to determine how your choice of venue will fit your budget.
– Indoor venues whose primary purpose isn’t weddings may have limited choices for dates, and you may need to get creative with your dressing room spaces!