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2014 Wedding Expo Survial Guide: 7 Must Read Tips To Make Every Expo EASIER!

So, in our years and years of experience at wedding expos, these are the top things that couples should think about before making the venture out to check out wedding vendors…

7.  Bring some way to mark the vendors you like.  Use a sticker like a happy face or star to remind you that you liked them!  At most expos, you may encounter 50-70 wedding vendors, many of whom you may need.  Keeping the good from the bad is essential!

6.  Bring preprinted name, wedding date, address, email, phone labels.  Many vendors still have paper sign-ups.

5.  Create an email just for you and your vendors that you can let go of after your wedding.  This will help keep you focused on the things most important and easily sort through wedding junk.  Most vendors will contact you a lot via email.   We have the best intentions, but sometimes it can get too much.

4.  Don’t sign-up for everything, no matter how tempting the prize.  You will be on their mailing list when you don’t need their service.  Most vendors use this as a tease to get your name.  Resist to give your info to only the vendors YOU REALLY NEED.

3.  Arrive early, but not too early.  Normally there is a line to get in when the show first opens.  Don’t worry, you’re not going to miss anything until the fashion show starts.  And you normally have another hour after that to finish mingling at the expo.

2.  Pick out 3, 4 at the most 5 vendor types that you need.  The most important ones are the ones you want to find and talk to.  Later on, we will discuss some common questions to ask to better qualify a particular vendor to your wedding besides price.

1.  Wear comfy shoes and clothes.  Avoid being too casual, as this will make you less likely to be taken serious.

If you have ideas, let us know!  We’d love to pass them along.  And if you are looking for some local expos, check our favorite wedding expos!