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The Tux Alternative

Emily-&-JoeRecently, a more affordable, simpler option of dress has appeared in the world of Grooms and groomsmen that soon could knock the traditional hat and tailed tuxedo off the top of the wedding cake.

With a-million-and-one expenses going through the mind’s of a soon-to-be husband and wife, this new style choice can really cut down on costs without skimping on the class. A button up dress shirt and khakis can be complimented with belts, bowties, and suspenders bring back bygone looks but blow past the tuxedo shop middle man.

Now instead of having to go through the multistep process of having the groom and company work with a tuxedo shop, they can go to their local department store or store website.Tux Alt

Additionally these outfits aren’t just one-and-done like tuxedos. Brands like Dockers and Croft and Barrow are able to be worn for other dressy situations like at the office, family gatherings and other specialty events. Not only are you saving a buck, but you’re getting the best bang for it too.

So this means

  • Cheaper
  • Stylish
  • More readily available
  • Reusable

It adds up to a solid option to consider when trying to make your best men look the best!