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Maid/Matron of Honor Speech 101 – Story time with the Bride and Her Friends!

It was an incredible, creative and emotional way to convey friendship  not just any scrap book, but a scrap story book.  Each page, hand crafted and meticulously woven into a story of each bridesmaids friendship with the bride.  It was a great idea, and well executed at the wedding.  Simply put, it was one of the top 5 bridal speeches we’ve heard of.

Here is the idea, have a craft/scrapbook party where each of the bridesmaids can create two pages of the 10 – 20 page scrapbook.  Add photos, brief captions, or in this case, an actual story that each of the bridesmaids contributes to that also relates to the brides interests.

We have video!  And we have pictures.  Check them out below!  And, let us know what you think.

Your Wedding Faktory Planning Team!

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