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5 Questions Your DJ Will Ask

WeddingFaktory’s own Jesse, rocking out.

Your wedding DJ is the lynchpin of a great reception. The DJ typically acts as Master of Ceremonies, so he or she will guide you and your wedding party through toasts and special dances alike. Because a DJ’s stage persona needs to match your reception style, you should always meet your DJ before booking. When you do, here are some things to think about before the consultation:

Where and when?
As with most vendor consultations, you’ll need to know your date and venue. Your DJ will work with you to plan the best atmosphere and order of events for a given venue, especially for venues he or she has previously played at. Venues may limit volume level or set a music curfew, and you’ll need to work with both your venue and your DJ to plan for any such limitations.

What general music style do you have in mind?
Classic rock? Current pop? Country? Is there a particular style of music that matches your wedding theme? While you’ll probably draw from a variety of genres or styles, you’ll want to express some general preferences. What music will make the reception yours?

What songs are must-haves – and which are thou-shalt-nots?

Where the music happens.

While you don’t need to haveĀ  your whole playlist ready for an initial consultation, you should already have thought about which songs you really need to hear and which ones you would ban from existence if you could! Are there songs that are especially meaningful to you and your fiance? Songs that matter to your families? And conversely, are there songs that make you want to hide in the bathroom until they’re over? Have those lists prepared early on to help give shape to your playlist.

Will we take song requests?

Do you want your DJ to take song requests from guests? If so, are there any limitations you’d like to place (beyond that Do-Not-Play list)? The bottom line here: Will Uncle Bob request that one really embarrassing song he always sings?

Which wedding dance traditions do you want to follow?
Some, like the Dollar Dance, have largely gone by the wayside. Others – the bride and groom’s first dance, the parent dance, etc – are still meaningful to many couples. Which special dances will you include? You don’t necessarily need to have these decisions finalized, but you do want to have at least some initial thoughts written down for your first consultation.

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