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2014 Wedding Expo Survial Guide: 7 Must Read Tips To Make Every Expo EASIER!

So, in our years and years of experience at wedding expos, these are the top things that couples should think about before making the venture out to check out wedding vendors…

7.  Bring some way to mark the vendors you like.  Use a sticker like a happy face or star to remind you that you liked them!  At most expos, you may encounter 50-70 wedding vendors, many of whom you may need.  Keeping the good from the bad is essential!

6.  Bring preprinted name, wedding date, address, email, phone labels.  Many vendors still have paper sign-ups.

5.  Create an email just for you and your vendors that you can let go of after your wedding.  This will help keep you focused on the things most important and easily sort through wedding junk.  Most vendors will contact you a lot via email.   We have the best intentions, but sometimes it can get too much.

4.  Don’t sign-up for everything, no matter how tempting the prize.  You will be on their mailing list when you don’t need their service.  Most vendors use this as a tease to get your name.  Resist to give your info to only the vendors YOU REALLY NEED.

3.  Arrive early, but not too early.  Normally there is a line to get in when the show first opens.  Don’t worry, you’re not going to miss anything until the fashion show starts.  And you normally have another hour after that to finish mingling at the expo.

2.  Pick out 3, 4 at the most 5 vendor types that you need.  The most important ones are the ones you want to find and talk to.  Later on, we will discuss some common questions to ask to better qualify a particular vendor to your wedding besides price.

1.  Wear comfy shoes and clothes.  Avoid being too casual, as this will make you less likely to be taken serious.

If you have ideas, let us know!  We’d love to pass them along.  And if you are looking for some local expos, check our favorite wedding expos!

Maid/Matron of Honor Speech 101 – Story time with the Bride and Her Friends!

It was an incredible, creative and emotional way to convey friendship  not just any scrap book, but a scrap story book.  Each page, hand crafted and meticulously woven into a story of each bridesmaids friendship with the bride.  It was a great idea, and well executed at the wedding.  Simply put, it was one of the top 5 bridal speeches we’ve heard of.

Here is the idea, have a craft/scrapbook party where each of the bridesmaids can create two pages of the 10 – 20 page scrapbook.  Add photos, brief captions, or in this case, an actual story that each of the bridesmaids contributes to that also relates to the brides interests.

We have video!  And we have pictures.  Check them out below!  And, let us know what you think.

Your Wedding Faktory Planning Team!

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Summer Lovin’ series – First Kisses YOU MAY want to try!

Summer lovin’, happened so fast


First kisses, well, let’s keep it wedding friendly.  Remember your first kiss as a couple?  Or how about as a teenager?  Here is a little review…for what it’s worth.  Here are a few of our favs…

#8 Take it really slow / #10 Learn to keep your hands busy / #11 How long should a first kiss last?



Your Wedding Faktory Planning Team!


15 Secrets to Make Your First Kiss More Memorable

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First kisses are a make or break affair. If you want to have a memorable first kiss that’s full of sparks and fiery passion, learn these 15 secrets. By Gerry Sanders

first kiss


A first kiss isn’t just a kiss.

It’s a step towards intimacy, and yet, it’s a confusing affair that could go either way.

A first kiss could lead to many more perfect kisses.

Or it could be the end of a budding romance.

[Confession: A first kiss gone horribly wrong!]

If you’ve shared a first kiss with a special someone, you’d know the emotions associated with it.

Your heart starts to race, you feel confused and almost dizzy, and on the other extreme, you have no idea how your date would respond.

Would they kiss you back? Or would they stick a tongue in so deep it would make you gag?

Why is the first kiss such a big deal?

A first kiss creates a relationship. It’s like a bond that’s sealed with a kiss. Literally!

You may not know this, but a first kiss can actually predict the chemistry and the sexual excitement of both the kissers. If both of you are excited to kiss each other and are sexually attracted to each other, a first kiss is almost always perfect. [Read: 6 ways to get any guy to kiss you when you want him to]

But if one of you isn’t ready for a kiss, even if there’s a lot of sexual chemistry in the air, the whole kissing experience could end in a fizzle.

First kisses are full of possibilities.

But it’s like taking a plunge into dark waters.

There’s no way you can ever tell what would happen unless you take the plunge.

The plunge may be a mystery, but you can still turn the odds in your favor by making all the right moves before the kiss.

How to make your first kiss more memorable

Even if you’re an experienced kisser, a first kiss is always nervous, especially when you’re about to kiss someone who means a lot to you for the first time.

But don’t worry too much about how it could go bad, instead try to warm your date up to the kiss. As long as you play it safe and take your time, you’ll see the right potential come right through.


15 secrets to make your first kiss perfect

Keep these 15 secrets you need to know about first kisses in mind, and you really should have no trouble perfecting that first kiss.


#1 Plan ahead. A first kiss never pops right out of the blue. Even if it seems like an unplanned heat of the moment thing, the setting you create around each other is what gives you the opportunity.

The best time to kiss a date or a friend is when you’ve spent quite a while with each other, either on a date or while watching a movie at home because that gives both of you enough time to warm up towards each other. And most importantly, you need to find a way to get some alone time with no one around. Plan ahead so both of you can get some alone time at the end of the date, either in the car, a lonely park bench or at your place.


#2 Build the sexual tension. Your date must want to kiss you back, or at the least, you must know that your date would reciprocate it before you try kissing. Try to sit close to your date. It’s a great way to pass your sexual vibes to them. And most importantly, speak in a low and soft voice. Speaking softly is a natural turn on. Talk about how wonderful you feel spending time with this person, or talk about how enjoyable the day was.


#3 Avoid distractions. Distractions are the bane of first kisses. You won’t believe the number of first kisses I’ve missed out on because of a cell phone ringing at the wrong time or a bladder full of pee. Isolate yourself in the moment and make sure your date isn’t thinking of anything other than this beautiful moment with you.


#4 Location. The location plays a big part in a first kiss. If you play your cards well, a first kiss could lead to a lot more within minutes. I remember the first time I tried kissing a girl in front of her house. She had her eyes closed and was kissing me passionately and climbing all over me, but I just couldn’t stop craning my neck to see if someone was walking past us.

If people walking past you bothers you, kiss your date in a parking lot or in your place. But make sure you keep the location in mind if you want to go beyond just a first kiss.


#5 Hygiene. Bad breath ruins any chances of a first kiss. If you’re planning to kiss your date after a garlic-infused dinner or a long drive, make sure you pop a breath mint into your mouth. If you want to make your first kiss feel a lot sexier, drink a sip of water a few seconds before trying to kiss your date. It makes your lips feel moist and a lot more kissable.


#6 The right kind of touch. The way you touch your new lover while trying to cozy up with them makes all the difference in a perfect first kiss. Constantly touch your date on their arms or play with their fingers. Let your date feel comfortable with your touch, and even like it.

And once you’re feeling bold enough to go for the kiss, whisper in their ears now and then or play with their hair. Nothing sends the kissing signal out better than that.


#7 Help your date read your mind. If you’ve used all the tips so far and your date reciprocates your touches by touching you back or coming closer to you, you’ve done all the right things. So hurrah for you!


Now you need to let your date know that you want to kiss them. Go close to your date’s face, and wait for them to move in closer to you. If all goes well, you’ll be kissing your date and making out with them in no time.

But if your date doesn’t come closer to kiss you, it doesn’t matter. You need to create other ways to excite them sexually. Go really close to them and place your palm on their cheek or graze your lips on their cheek, really close to their lips. If your date closes their eyes to take in the sensation, they’re obviously ready for the kiss. But if time is what they need, continue to get touchy feely until they get too weak in the knees to resist you any further.


#8 Take it really slow. Once you start kissing your date for the first time, don’t get carried away and get aggressive instantly. Feel your date’s lips softly touch your own and spend a few seconds trying to understand who takes the upper lip or who takes the lower lip. Trust me, that one thing alone can lead to confusions if you’re already used to a particular type of kissing. Improvise your kissing style as the seconds stretch on.


#9 Using your tongue. Don’t use your tongue immediately as soon as you start kissing your date for the first time, but don’t keep it hidden either. Slide your tongue in just a tiny bit until you touch your date’s lips with your tongue. If they reciprocate, you’re doing it just right. Beyond the first thirty seconds or so, it’s alright to get bold and explore just a little more, very softly, of course!


#10 Learn to keep your hands busy. Once you’ve got your lips busy, what do you do with your hands? For starters, place your hands on the sides or the back of your kissing mate. If you want to turn the passion on, you can run one hand through your date’s hair or move it along the neck.

If you want to get bolder, place your hands on your partner’s sides and move them along the sides of the body, inches away from any strategic locations. If everything goes well, your hands should get rather busy in a short while!


#11 How long should a first kiss last? First kisses aren’t measured in seconds.  They’re measured in passionate moments. A perfect kiss isn’t just one kiss, it’s a series of well timed first kisses. Kiss your date for a few seconds, and move your head back slowly, but keep it within a few inches from your date’s face. It makes you feel more in control, and you’ll be able to read your date’s expression too.


If your date backs away, you need to wait. If they come closer and start kissing you again, they like what you’re doing.

But what I’d suggest is to move your face back just a little bit after several seconds, and come in for another kiss within a second or two. It shows that you want to kiss, so it won’t leave your date wondering if you’re not interested in the kiss. By taking occasional breaks and coming in for a kiss again, you’ll be able to increase the passion and make your date want your kisses even more.


#12 Vary the kisses. Start with a really soft kiss, and follow it up with another soft kiss. But once the kisses start to get frequent, vary the pace and the pressure of the kisses. Push your date aggressively once, and immediately after that, kiss your date softly again. That’ll leave your date confused in a passionate frenzy of kisses, and they’ll start to get wilder and more aggressive too!


#13 Don’t stop at the lips. A kiss may start at the lips but could end anywhere else. After a few minutes of intense kissing, don’t stagnate the game by restricting your kisses only to the lips. Every now and then, kiss your date’s cheek, the chin or their neck in between all the kisses on the lips. It gives you access to more places and makes the whole experience sizzle a lot more.


#14 Don’t push it. Don’t try too hard to reach out to too many places too soon. If the first kiss goes well, you know there will definitely be many more dates with many more kisses too. So unless you’re certain your date likes where your hands are going, don’t try to reach out to too many places. Perfect the first kiss and create a memorable experience first. Letting your hands wander into your date’s pants comes later.


#15 Watch the signs. Learn when to back off. If your date stiffens up, pulls away quickly or seems distracted while kissing, move your head back just a few inches.


Don’t kill the mood by asking your date why they’re distracted. Just stay close to their face and focus on their neck or their ears. If you date has something to say, they’ll say it. If they don’t say anything, get back to the lips and pucker your lips for another long series of sexy first kisses.

[Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and turn him on instantly]

These 15 secrets on how to make your first kiss perfect are all you need to enjoy a great first kiss with a special someone. Keep these tips in mind, and use them at the opportune moment. You’ll realize how easy kissing for the first time can be once you master these secrets.

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Other kissing ideas…

Summer Lovin’ Series – Places to go on your honeymoon

Summer Lovin’ “Had Me A Blast”

We love a good time!  And we know honeymoons are a perfect way to start your lives together!  So, why not have some fun doing it at these awesome destinations!  Check out Kenya, California, St. Lucia, Tahiti, or the number one spot on any honeymooner’s list – Hawaii!


Your Wedding Faktory Planning Team!


25 Best Places To Go For Your Honeymoon



Usually taking place immediately following the wedding ceremony the history of honeymoons goes back a long way. But we’re not here to discuss their history. We’re here to fill your head with ideas for all the places you could run off to with your spouse. You may want something classy, different, or special, but probably not too costly. Something that will be memorable but at the same time doable. If this is you, then read on for the 25 best places to go for your honeymoon and plan on making the most of your time together.


KenyaBeing in Kenya is like setting your foot in paradise where you will witness the abundance of flora and fauna, together with the majesty of nature such as the pristine forests and the fascinating sight of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is also the perfect place for an adventure that unleashes the wild side of every tourist and couple that visit.



CaliforniaThere are so many places to visit in California that going through all the many famous places there would take you many days. However, if you want to focus on the locations that would set the mood and create those special moments, visiting Disneyland would be one of the best choices. The theme park is so vast that it not only offers rides for kids but also a number attractions that would appeal to an older crowd.



FloridaBeing in the Sunshine State only means that you would be experiencing a lot of sun, even in wintry days. Known to be one of the best destinations for honeymoons at any time of the year, Florida gives you the ambiance of the Caribbean without going too far from the city.



ThailandAside from tasting their exotic food and colorful culture, Thailand is also an amazing destination for couples who would like to have an encounter with world-class spa and wellness services, all provided by courteous and accommodating staff. You can also feel the embrace of temperate winds as you stay at bungalow beaches that give you all the privacy you need, while hearing the hush of splashing waves underneath the perfect evening sky.


Cook Islands

Cook IslandsIf you are looking for an out-of-country destination that takes heed to your demand of seclusion and isolation, then going to Cook Islands is the perfect option for you and your spouse. Choose between two of the grandest locations where you would like to spend time together, such as the Aitutaki Lagoon and Rarotongan Beach Resorts. As the island is average in size with a limited number of people, you can expect that intimate moments to be spent quietly, as if you are the only couple in the world.


New Zealand

New ZealandYou are in for a treat when you visit New Zealand as your honeymoon destination. Why is that? First of all, most of the natural sceneries here, especially those in the colder parts of the country are so magical that some of them have been used in the filming of Lord of the Rings. Second, with only 4 million people in a place that’s as big as the UK, you can expect that most of the locations here, including islands, beaches, plains, hilltops, and forests are all to yourself, particularly in off peak seasons. Third, with such diverse geographical features all crammed together in one country, you can do all sorts of stuff that you have never done before as a couple.



ArubaAruba is another one of the many honeymoon destinations that offer temperate weather all year long. So whether you take your time off before spring or just in time for winter, reaching this place would be the same no matter your holiday preference. What’s special about having a honeymoon here is that you get perks and other free items as you stay in one of the hotels that support the One Cool Honeymoon Program. Imagine walking along seven miles of white sand beaches, snorkeling in the clear blue waters, and going from one island to another by foot or by boat. You can even ride a horse or a glass-bottom boat along the beach.



AustraliaThe continent of Australia is such a big place that it can be quite overwhelming to visit as a honeymoon destination. If you love to experience the beach and spend time with water activities, the east coast, which has Fraser Island, Hyams Beach, and Ninety Mile Beach, would be the best choice for you. Go down south, and you are in for a cold treat with snow-capped mountains and frozen hills. Stay in the middle and you can encounter forests, caves with ancient drawings, and other natural wonders like Ayers rock.


US Virgin Islands

US Virgin IslandsSimply put, the US Virgin Islands is one of the destinations you can visit for island-hopping fun, whether it may be in St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas, and other smaller isles that can be found nearby. Although you are already imagining water sports as the main activity here, there are a number of other things to be done here as well. Watching the sunset from a skyride, seeing the fishes 15 feet underwater from an observatory, exploring different ruins, and shopping for tax-free goods or local crafts are all good examples.


Costa Rica

Costa RicaGoing to Costa Rica is a journey that can give you fresh air, away from the common pollution and stress of busy city life. Known to be one of the many countries that are aiming for minimizing carbon footprints, you can expect flora and fauna at its most natural state, where forests, and other ecosystems have been preserved by government efforts. Trekking, nature tripping, bird watching, and other outdoor activities would be your main avenue of spending intimate times together. But in case you get tired of all the walking, you can get on the Pacific side of the country and experience beaches with blue waters that invite rest and relaxation.


Turks & Caicos

Turks & CaicosFamous for having one of the longest coral reefs in the world, aside from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Turks and Caicos is a destination for couples who love to spend more time underwater, with world-class scuba diving facilities and services. Despite being a choice location known to many, there are beaches and areas there that seclude the couple from the crowd, letting them have the time of their lives in a place far away.


South Africa

South AfricaAlthough there are attractive beaches and relaxing coastlines on the edges of South Africa, you just cannot overlook the fact that this region offers some of the rarest and up-close moments on Earth where couples can watch leopards, rhinoceros, buffaloes, lions, and elephants in their actual habitat. Their well-planned hotels also serve as an oasis after a tiring day of venturing on the Savannah, thanks to indoor pools that are exclusive for couples.



BaliPrepare to be embraced by one of Asia’s best destinations for couples, especially those who are looking for something different. Aside from seeing Bali’s white sand beaches and enjoying their many water sport activities, you can also find yourself playing with wild monkeys or receiving a massage from one of the many rejuvenating spas located here.



GreeceThere are many things to expect in Greece, and exploring places like Athens, Acropolis, Crete, or Aegina would also give you moments of embarking on a whole new adventure.



FranceThough France may be a big place for you to explore and visit, setting your sights on the City of Lights should help you keep your honeymoon together. Paris, also known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, has received its title because of the ambiance in the city that can be felt everywhere you look. Whether you eat a dinner for two atop the Eiffel Tower, experience serenades in the streets, or savor the genuine French breads and the sweet wine, you can have an amazing time anywhere you go around this amorous city.



BermudaGet lost in awe as you visit Bermuda and experience the pink sand beaches that go well with sapphire blue waters. Such scenes are so rare that you would have a wonderful time here together with your other half. You can also establish your connections with each other even deeper as you venture into the many isles and islets that have been linked with bridges. Aside from the beach, this is also the place where you could enjoy varied golf courses, as Bermuda owns more courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world.



JamaicaYou may have to ask why Jamaica is often revisited by the many couples who have already experienced its glory. If you have experienced reading brochures and flyers about the many beaches and tropical settings that you could encounter here, then you will be surprised as the words used to describe the beauty of Jamaica’s natural majesty are beyond compare. Drown yourself within the rhythm of steel drums, ablaze your soul with fire dancers, and even pamper yourself with resorts that have prepared the best of facilities to make your stay worthwhile.



MexicoYou need not go too far in order for you to experience what the world surrounding the Caribbean has to offer. Just minutes away by plane or hours by land, you can reach Mexico and explore a whole new world. You will not only taste genuine spicy food or watch bullfights, but more importantly spend time with your spouse on serene beaches and trekking through mysterious Aztec temples.



ItalyYou may have dreamed of eating Sicilian pizza and pasta, standing atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa, hailing at the architectural majesty of the Duomo, or exchanging sweet nothings while riding a boat on Venice’s waterways. Hotels here are well acquainted with couples that are tired of taking a day’s journey to the many tourist spots that can be visited nearby.


St. Lucia

St. LuciaThe Caribbean is indeed a wonderful place for couples to spend some time, especially around St. Lucia. This cluster of islands has been hailed as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world due to the many remote islets that can be visited by couples. You can even stay on an island of your own, rejuvenating yourself in therapeutic hot springs, tiring yourself with lots of water sports, or even climbing atop a volcano!


St. Bart’s

St. Bart’sIf you want something different when visiting the Caribbean, then try out St. Barthelemy, more known as St. Bart’s which can be something to change your usual warm island mood. In fact, the moment you set foot here, you can immerse yourself in the idea of French Caribbean paradise. Even though it may be a bit intimidating, as this place is known to be visited by the rich and famous, St. Bart’s has more than enough for everyone to enjoy, including couples who are here celebrating their love on a strict budget. Conditions are perfect, the sun is right, the waters are pure, and the sand is white.



FijiWhat will you do in a place that has over 322 islands, all seemingly blessed to no end by God’s creative hand? In visiting Fiji, you will discover a place that is known to be as Earth’s modern Eden, where every inch of the islands will fill you bliss, serenity, and romance. Aside from spending time trying the many water activities available, you can also explore and find steaming hot springs that have been prepared by volcanic craters. Life’s a beach in this destination and going from island to island will make you come back for more.



AnguillaSince this is another island found in the Caribbean, you can expect what can be found with the rest that have been included in this list: white sand beaches, clear blue waters, abundant plant life, and a warm embrace of sunshine with winds blowing atop the waves. If there is something different that Anguilla takes pride in more than any other destination, it would be the world-class hotels that offer affordability and class.



TahitiA place that is dedicated for couples and honeymoons, Tahiti is the answer to people who are looking for something that can be remembered for a lifetime. It has over 118 islands, a volcano, and other famous destinations within such as Moorea and Bora Bora. They say that staying in paradise comes with a price and it is true with this location. Doing water sports, exploring forests, and bathing under the right amount of sun can be enjoyed here.



HawaiiOften ranked as one of the best honeymoon spots in the world with volcanoes, beaches, and a remote location, you can go island hopping to Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, Molokai, and Lanai, knowing that there are a number of diverse environments to explore.