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4 Questions Your Photographer Will Ask

In your first or second photography consultation, you’re likely to hear these questions. Be sure to come prepared!

Engagement photos are romantic - and helpful!

Engagement photos are romantic – and helpful!

Do you want an engagement shoot?
You’ve probably seen other couples’ engagement photos on Facebook or other social media. I always wondered “what’s that about?” Engagement photos, among other advantages, are a great chance to get to know your wedding photographer in a more casual and less time-constrained context.

What other wedding professionals are involved?
Are you using a wedding planner? Professional DJ? Your photographer may want to work with these other professionals in order to coordinate photos of specific items or events. For instance, if your DJ acts as an emcee during the reception, he or she can also let the photographer know before an event (cake cutting or a special dance) is announced, giving the photographer time to prepare the best possible shot.

Photos showing off garters, bouquets, or other elements should be discussed beforehand.

Photos showing off garters, bouquets, or other elements should be discussed beforehand.

What locations and times are key?
What venue or venues have you booked? What limitations and opportunities do those venues offer? What is the overall timeline of your day? If you are moving between multiple venues, when will you be in each of them? Your photographer will use this information to identify key photograph moments and to plan out his or her movements among them.

In that timeline, what moments do you want photographs of?
For instance, many couples want  photos of the bride and/or groom preparing for the ceremony. Do you want a photo of all the guests at the reception? Each table? Particular decorations? Consider which items and moments are important to you and work with your photographer to get photos of each of them.

Finally, as with every consultation, know your budget in advance. You need to have this decided before booking a photographer, so you can find the best match for both your style and your wallet!


Introducing – Wedding Faktory Photo

With our award winning photographers, attention to details, and love and excitement for YOUR wedding, Wedding Faktory photographers are sure to capture the memories of your ideal wedding.

We have several photographers to choose from, each with their own shooting style, a flexible engagement level and above all, focus on what you want.  Photography, especially in the wedding, has evolved from a planned candid shot to the creative professional capturing a moment in the moment.  We love that, and we love weddings, and most important, we love to capture memories that last a lifetime.

Check out our photographers, their photos, our packages and examples, and plan your ideal wedding shoot!





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