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Here are just a couple of examples:

Uplights - Blue Room

Uplights – Blue Room

Uplights - Deep Red

Uplights – Deep Red

Our basic uplighting package has 8-LED lights ideal for behind the wedding party table or to accentuate the cake or dance floor. You can easily double your uplights to 16-LED lights for an extra $95. Just ask your wedding expert for their recommendations!

Wedding Themes: Vintage

This classy sign carries a vintage feel.

This classy sign carries a vintage feel.

What even is a vintage wedding?
Vintage weddings don’t usually attempt to recreate a particular historical moment in wedding history. Rather, couples hodgepodge aesthetically pleasing pieces from many eras of history to create something unique to their tastes and vision.

Why choose a vintage wedding?
Flexibility! Rather than feeling pressured to create a certain kind of thing, you have the freedom to experiment, to mix and match, and to fit every element to your budget. And you’ll have a great excuse to go thrift shopping and browse Etsy!

What’s the big picture?
Some of the popular style elements of vintage weddings include loose floral designs and soft colors. Wooden boxes and baskets, lace fabrics, and glass bottles are all popular table decor and more. Do-it-yourself and handmade items are also common for invitations, party favors, and decor.

Your vintage theme can carry into your engagement photos as well!

Your vintage theme can carry into your engagement photos as well!

The importance of Things
Vintage wedding dresses are all the rage on Etsy, and they come in all styles, lengths, and colors. You could also ask your grandmothers or aunts if they still have their wedding gowns and would permit them to be altered for you – most of the time, your relatives would be honored and pleased at such a request.

But it’s not just the dress – it’s also the entire decor of your wedding. Thrift stores and Etsy shops are replete with gorgeous suitcases, pottery, lace tablecloths, books, teapots. All of these things can be used as-is or repurposed as a card box or centerpiece. This is your day: find things that appeal to you and let your creativity run free!

Wedding Themes: Geek Chic

Whether you call yourself a nerd or a geek, you’re sure to find something you like on this list. Wedding material? That’s for you to decide – but you may be surprised by how elegant a nerdy wedding can be.

We found this wedding-worthy TARDIS dress on Pinterest.

Doctor Who Weddings

A Whovian theme can be as simple as choosing TARDIS blue as your theme color – or you could go all out. Disguise your photo booth as a TARDIS (memories are bigger on the inside!). Music options might include the original soundtrack or Doctor Who inspired music, affectionately called “trock.” And of course, this theme makes it very easy for the bride to carry something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!



Golden snitches add a magical touch to this wedding cake.

Harry Potter Weddings

Hang up your house banners and turn up the Wizard Rock! Each member of the wedding party can accessorize with his or her own house colors. You might enlist special help from your caterer – recipes for magical candies and drinks from the famous series abound. Fifty house points if you can figure out how to hang candles from the ceiling in the Great Hall for your reception.




Lord of the Rings Weddings

These lovely invitations are printed with a map of Middle Earth.

There may be more than One Ring in your wedding ceremony, but the possibilities are as expansive as Middle Earth. With gowns straight from Lothlorien and rings inscribed with Elvish script, this nerdy wedding theme may be most elegant of them all. Couples have worked with bakers to design cake replicas of locations from the epic fantasy series – from the Shire to Mordor. And of course, there’s plenty of music and poetry to incorporate into everything from the invitations to the dancing.


The list goes on – Disney, Star Wars, steampunk, video games. If there’s a passion you and your fiance share, you can theme your wedding around it. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of your most important fandom: each other.


Wedding Themes: Spring Spectacular!

Soft but bright orange cake decor fits spring perfectly.

Soft but bright orange cake decor fits spring perfectly.


Although April showers seem to have been postponed to May, and few flowers have yet sprung up, Easter has come and gone. The Spring Equinox is barely visible in the rear view mirror. So let’s talk about spring weddings!

Many themed weddings can be a little overbearing (see our 1980s post from April Fool’s Day). However, a spring-themed wedding can provide the unified feel of a theme without drawing attention to itself. In short, simply paying attention to what’s in season brings unity and flair to your nuptial celebrations.


Color Palette

Sage green brings in a hint of spring.

Sage green brings in a hint of spring.

Sure, pastels are never a bad choice in spring. But spring also calls up ideas of budding flowers and trees. Try bright and bold greens to embody the new life spring brings, or try a just-brighter-than-pastel color scheme.


Bright pink, star-shaped Chinese hellebore

Chinese hellebore is both eye-catching and graceful.


Work with your florist to find out which flowers are spring bloomers in your area. We all know about tulips, but there are many other spring flowers to keep your wedding in-season. Seasonal flowers are easier for your florist to obtain, and they tend to be less expensive as a result, so your florist and your budget will both thank you!



A wedding cake with strawberry-rhubarb filling!

A wedding cake with strawberry-rhubarb filling!


Your caterer can help you incorporate fresh spring produce into the dinner menu. From asparagus and peas to strawberries, you’re sure to find one of your favorite vegetables or fruits on any list of spring season flavors. And of course there’s the only vegetable you might think about adding to your wedding cake or dessert platter: rhubarb!